Firetruck Fat

I feel overly stressed and miserable. I haaaaaate the commute – with the packed trains and shit. So annoying – I can’t see me ever going back to being in the office five days a week. One or two is enough. And I am back to the office again tomorrow. My wardrobe cannot accommodate a four-days-on-site-work-week; hence, I will be sportin’ exactly what I wore to work today tomorrow.

This morning I slept in, I think I woke up around 7:30 am, so I was right in the thick of it both ways. If I wake up at 3:00 am or 1:00 am or if I get no sleep, the morning rush hour is not catching me – not again. I can’t deal. Or … I deal by making everyone else miserable – that works for me.

With all that said – it was a productive day! And me didn’t have to consume copious amounts of caffeine to get through it. I got what I had to do done, got some feedback, I like how the slide looks and I am ready for whatever comes tomorrow – except for a shitty ride to work! (btw – the boys don’t get my monkeypox jokes. Idiots).

“What in the SAML is going on here?”

“Oauth two knows!”

Humour Tokens

My fatness may be making me feel hotter than usual – I don’t know if that’s a thing but I used to be cold all the time and now I’m always hot. I’m really happy that the temp is back to normal. Thank goodness!

I’d like to sleep my life away. Damn it – I forgot to tell Bossman he gave me the wrong directions the other day. But the timing would have been bad, we’re all busy.

When we left the hotel after breakfast our sales director didn’t want to follow my directions to get to the office, but I knew where I was going that time – I swear. (but I couldn’t convince him).

I shouldn’t be getting lost in my city!

Wed Aug 10, 2022

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