May 12 – Journal Entry

I cried at work today, in front of another co-worker (this is becoming a habit). I feel fragile. My co-worker was lovely though. He told me not to cry over work. Then he checked on me later and sent me a hug. He’s the AM on the project that needs extra TLC. My … (I can’t remember what I was going to say).

@musiena via Twenty20

Based on a discussion with the AM, I decided to just add dates to all the tasks on the project. Of course, this was painful because this is not how you build a schedule. His feeling is that if we put the dates in first and present the info back, we will get more input rather than waiting for info from the team and the client.

I feel I was more susceptible to my emotions today because I barely slept last night. I was so very sleepy when I woke up this morning – I didn’t do my yoga, I didn’t run, I didn’t take any time out for myself. I just got up, and within thirty minutes, I was working.

My plan is to get caught up on my writing this weekend because I missed today’s Jibber Jabber prompt and will probably miss tomorrow’s too.

I feel like I did accomplish something today though, and I do enjoy working on the reorg project. And I do think that even though things didn’t go according to plan with the project planning, at least I was flexible.

Sleep is essential. I wonder how much sleep ninjas need per night?

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