Yes to Nope

 I wrote part of my last poem on the back of an envelope along with a buncha doodles and the bills I’ve got to pay this month. I’d share it with you, but then you’d know my business, and that ain’t cool. I mean, we friends n shit, but you ain’t gotta know everything about me.

Even though I am trying to keep my shit organized, words come to me, and I must write them before I forget. I was just budgeting, and BOOM! Outta nowhere (which is somewhere that I am not aware of) the first two lines came. I had already typed the rest plus some other stuff but I didn’t like how it flowed … So I waited and did something else and … Yay! A poem titled Self was fully formed.

Hmmm, I might like to look back on how my poems evolve. I think that would be interesting, but that’s one more thing to track – or maybe. I could write in Word and turn on Track Changes. I’ll think about it. For me, the process is as fascinating as the end product.

Are you fascinated by your creative process?

I think you should be! (If you’re not)



Me n the Fam went to see Nope. Everyone else thought it was ok. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t a horror though.

Of the movies Peele has written, directed and produced, Get Out is still my favourite. Then Nope and Us. I’ll throw Candyman in there last, just cause he didn’t direct that one.

Fri Jul 22, 2022

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