At Your Service!

Bossman and Jer thanked me for fixing up the place. My face gets big humungous smile every time I think about their thank yous! Your happiness makes me happier! Glad I could be of service 🙂

If a piece of cake is easy, is a whole cake super difficult or the easiest thing ever? What about if you have pie and cake? But I think you are supposed to have the whole pie because no one says “piece of pie.” only “easy as pie.”

And I wonder if pies and pieces of cake are the same kind of easy like Lionel Richie’s Sunday morning?


My stomach hurts. No! I did not eat cake. But I might! Not! I had lots of carbs today.

🎶 It’s time for Animaniacs. And we’re zany to the max. So just sit back relax and laugh ’til you collapse. Come join the Warner Brothers, and the Warner Sister, Dot. Just for fun we run around the Warner movie lot. They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught, but we break loose and then vamoose, and now you know the plot! It’s time for Animaniacs🎶

I was expecting a massive rain storm last night but nothing happened. Except I got to see lightning brighten the sky.

Would you like to be a natural disaster? Since I cannot swim, that rules out all water disasters. AND since I hate the heat, I wouldn’t be a volcano or a starburst supernova. I feel like I could be a mudslide or an avalanche or an earthquake (cause I like to shake things up).

Pencil only
Ink and charcoal blend added. I’m proud of this one! Look at the fingers 🙂 Yay!

With or without company, tomorrow I am going to see Peele’s new film Nope (2022).

Thu Jul 21, 2022

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