Circumstances Made Me

… You like my Dragon Ball Ocean Bomb soda can collection yes!

BTW. you probably don’t care but I’m behind on everything – my data analysis course, my short story, my poetry writing frequency, my weight loss. Just call me Jackass. And speaking of Jackass, if you haven’t already, you should watch Jackass Forever (2022).

Decision made. I’m not renewing my scrum master cert from Scrum Alliance. Fuck scrum. Fuck agile. Fuck alliance. I’m over all of it! From here, I’m going with the waterfall flow. The travel agent lady I keep in contact with is tripping to Bali in June – I wanna badly to go but I cannot put myself in additional debt for it. We’ll see … I gotta consult my spreadsheet.

You know how much it bothers me when people use “evil” to describe acts/people? Almost every bad guy on a true crime show is evil by law enforcement and victim’s families standards. Now I’m wondering if evil deserves a sliding scale …

1. Ok! You! You get 2/10 for ransoming someone’s grandma.
At least we found her dehydrated and not dead.

2. Madame! 7/10 for holding people hostage during
a bank robbery and killing two security guard.

3. And you Sir! Your shit’s off the scale!

… Problem is, no one ever says that. It seems, to me, you’re either evil or you’re not. Good thing I haven’t acted on my thoughts, cause my shit would be off the scale too. People treat evil as this subjective thing – and they probably don’t even give much thought to the meaning of the word and maybe I am only perturbed because I took the Understanding The Dark Side of Human Nature course a few years back. Otherwise, I might also be nonchalant about my use of the word.

Although I do believe evil exists, I am reclutant to call anyone evil, I am not sure why. Perhaps it’s because I know the crazy shit going on in my head and who knows, under the right, or wrong, circumstances I could be the one people are calling evil.

Do you think someone can do an “evil” thing without being evil?

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and saw many persimmons – they remind me of my mom. Today I ate a permission and thought of her the whole time.

Did I ever tell you about when I almost tipped over a golf cart at a work event? I think I did.

2023.01.22 (Sun)

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