May 5 – Journal Entry

Today was a long day – It’s not over yet actually and my eyes are burning. I went for a two-hour walk with André – It was nice. I reminded him of the mini hikes we would go on when he was younger. This is the time I get to connect with my son, when he will open up about his life. One day last summer, we did an 18K walk to the pet store 🙂

With Matt – I haven’t figured out how to connect with him. We don’t have “our thing” yet.

I wanted to pull my hair out at work today. Almost everyone annoyed me. I think it was an accumulation of annoyances over the last number of weeks. I sent a long email to my boss, and I felt bad like I am complaining, but I’m upset. I feel like Popeye. “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.” – that was my reality today. As part of that long email – I told my boss I would channel my frustrations into this org restructuring project.

The good news – I had a fantastic walk with André, and I ate okra. My favourite vegetable.

Feature Photo Credit: Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay

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