Oy! So uncomfortable am I. Thinks I gots me some osteopsoriaporosis over the weekend – my bones are itchy. Good news … my bag is packed for the office, I hope what I have is contagious – Why is sharing only caring when you got good shit to give away?


It’s been a long time
I shouldn’t a left you
without a strong rhyme to step to
Think of how many weak shows you slept through
Times up, sorry I kept you …

I start to think
and then I sink into the paper
like I was ink
When I’m writing
I’m trapped in between the lines
I escape when I finish the rhyme
I got soul


I Know You Got Soul – Eric B. & Rakim

Imma buys myselfs a sunlight lamps. It will be good for to deal with my moods. Also, If I didn’t tell you already, I’m gonna put all my posters in my What Are You Using Your Words For post. And also, I have Second City homework. Class was fun – We watched a bunch of skits and learned about the nomenclature and technical aspects of building a sketch.

🎶 Which muthafucka stole my flow. Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo. Throw them type of niggas right out my window. You think that you can hide, you think you can lay low. Roll up on your ass like Hawaii 5-0 🎶

I told that butter not to fly so near the sun. Them/They gon learn.

I feel like I missed two artist dates – not sure why! Maybe I didn’t do it right.

Mon May 08, 2023

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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