FYI: Priceline Is A Travel Agent

I’ve started putting my stuff together for my trip. Packing light? Yes! It is easy to pack light when you don’t have a lot of clothes that fit you! Overpacking problem? Solved!

Dad said his appointment is at 10:00 am Monday, June 6 and I probably wouldn’t make it in time. I was getting in at 7:57 am. I did not ask dad about his appointment before booking my flight cause a part of me wanted to surprise him (which makes no sense when I think about it now).

Anytime … I figured, well, all I have is carry on. It can’t take that much time to get off the plane and meet him at appointment place that I have no address for and therefore no idea how long it’s going to take me to get there. Then Dee mentioned morning traffic. (head bowed in defeat with several heavy sighs).

And BTW – Dre also told me I won’t make it in time. How come he knew and I didn’t?

My evening was spent as follows:

  • On hold with Air Canada for 2h 16m to find out:
    • “Sorry, we can’t change your flight because you booked through a travel agent.”
    • “I booked through Priceline!”
    • “That’s a travel agent mam.” (she thinks I’m an idiot. I could hear it in her tone)
    • “Oh! Ok thank you!”
  • On hold with Priceline for ~ 30 minutes to find out:
    • “Sorry, we can’t change your flight for you we can only cancel the reservation.”
    • “But I can do that myself. I’m looking at the button right now.”
    • “Yes you can.”
    • “But what if I cancel then I can’t get an earlier flight and my Monday flight goes away?”
    • “Sorry, we can only cancel your reservation.”
    • am I talking to a person? “How long will it take for me to get my money back?”
    • “About three business days?”
    • why the fuck do refunds take so long! “Ok! Thank you! Bye!” Fuck!!!
  • Cancel my Monday Jun 6 trip
  • Rebook my trip to Sat Jun 4
  • Rebook my antigen test to Friday Jun 3

Travel arrangements are mentally taxing. I just wanna lie down!



It is good that a human travel agent will be taking care of my trip to France

Then in between all of that, or maybe before, there was a text exchange between Dad and me.

The way you communicate, I wonder how you do it at work 😳 😳

I LMAOed. You’re not the first person to mention my communication issues

The communication issue might be hereditary. My siblings and I receive similar complaints.

Tomorrow morning I go pick up my passport. Hmmm … where did I put my pick-up slip?

Thu Jun 02, 2022

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