Bags Packed – Ready to Go

Picked up my passport! Ran a tonne of errands.

Those are my feet in my linty joggers and dirty CB Vans (my long-time favs – as you can tell).

The subway broke down, so me did lots of walking and picturing.

It’s difficult to take pics of reflective surfaces – but it was important for me to capture this.

I love the juxtiposition of the buildings – old with new.

I love the restaurant sign and how these guys look waiting to pick up someone’s meal!

I enjoy capturing people going about their business, rather than posing for a pic!

I have more but I gotta spend some time with Zo then go to bed!

They said I should be at the airport three hours before my flight! I might not be able to talk to you tomorrow – We’ll see.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if King beds came with kings? (I will elaborate for you later 🙂 )

Fri Jun 03, 2022

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