Always Show Up!

Plane ticket booked! Leaving for NYC bright and early Monday morning. I cannot bring all my books with me 😦

Dad’s seventy-one. I wanna be around for him for doctor’s appointments and stuff. At the last appointment, he didn’t have anyone to pick him up. He had to wait two hours and that made me sad. I figured he was in the waiting room. But No! The man went to chill in a bar next door! SMH! Good for him!

I feel I wasn’t around as often as I could/should have for my mom and I don’t want that to happen again. Sure it was difficult for me to see her deteriorate and be sick after chemo, etc. But it was difficult for everyone! Especially my sister; and towards the end she was pregnant with my first niece. And ultimately, it wasn’t about me! (I have more to say but I don’t want to talk about it right now.)

I spend half of a work day waiting in line. From a professional services standpoint, I cost myself a lot of money. Pretty much my entire eight hours went to obtaining a passport!

Woke up this morning, went fishing for my PP (my peepee! lol), only to find out it expired last year. I took the day off and booked it down to the passport office. Got my application and filled it out. Almost had a cardiac episode because I was digging for my PP and couldn’t find it. But it was in my bag. If I left it home, that would have been a colossal waste of time. 

One good thing though, I thought I’d need a guarantor, but I didn’t this time, just had to have two personal references who aren’t family. I waited in line outside from about 11:00 am to 2:30 pm while it poured rain and sunshined. 

THEN I waited inside for another forty-five minutes, approximately. But it all worked out cause I get to pick up my PP Friday morning, and I didn’t have to bash any skulls or kneecaps in cause everyone was friendly. 

Dee is looking for a place of her own – I am so very excited for her. I think everyone should live alone or with platonic roommates – worse case, before living with a partner. EVERYONE!!! AND NO ONE SHOULD GET MARRIED UNTIL IN THEIR MID to LATE TEENS! 

… Sorry! Freudian slip, I want to get rid of the boys so bad. What I meant to say was, AND NO ONE SHOULD GET MARRIED UNTIL IN THEIR MID to LATE TEENS! 

Damn it! Third time’s a charm …



And when you do find yourself in a relationship and your gut tells you to “GET OUT!” go! Don’t ignore your inside voice (unless it’s telling you to kill – leave that to me. Except if you also are fortunate enough to have a Get Away With Crimes pass from God!)


Dee and I went to Planta for dinner because she looked at a few places today, and the final one was downtown. The last thing Dee said to me was, “See you in New York!”


Even when you don’t want to.

Because you may not get a second chance to be there for that particular person.

Wed May 1, 2022

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