Fishing With Phil

Phil and I
went looking, we did.
Expecting to find
plenty of fish

“Hey, Phil! I didn’t know spiders eat fish!”

“Of course we do. Since I first lived near water, it’s my favourite dish.”


“Sam! Grab a spear or a fly! Fish! Get ready to die!”

For hours we tried, rested and waited.
Becoming overly intoxicated.

Fishing is fun under the sun.
With my spider friend Phil and an
extra large bottle of Demerara rum.

Then inspiration hit and Phil suggested
“Sam! Let’s we get separated!”

He went his way. I went mine.
Leaving the almost empty bottle of rum behind.
Both determined. These fish we’d find.

An hour later, back at the dock.
Bait wasted and determination shot.

“Phil! I think we came to the wrong site. Neither spear nor fly would bite.”

I hope you enjoyed this microburst. If you saw the ending coming, please leave a comment. I’d like to write in a way where the ending surprises and hopefully, makes you laugh!


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