Bullet Dodged

Early this morning, I went with Dre to his MRI appointment … the hospital books appointments so late/early. I don’t know if they are catching up because of COVID or if they’ve always done that. We left there at ~ 2:45 am.

I snuck around the hospital and took pics of two machines

I like taking pictures of signs.

This morning I made an impulsive buy. However, quickly I came to my centses and went to cancel the order. Only to find out, I had to call customer service to get a refund. And why the hell is it going to take 3-5 business days for you to put my money back in my account when you didn’t even fulfill the order yet!?!?!?

With technology where it’s at, I don’t get how you can process an order immediately, but you cannot return my funds just as fast. What am I not understanding?


As you can probably tell, this was really hard to draw – I ain’t got those skills yet.

I am fascinated by how a few well-placed strokes can tell a story. Speaking of telling a story, I had the strangest dream.

After talking about installation art yesterday, I went looking for some Ai Weiwei pieces. I was in love with him from maybe 2005 and when he had an exhibit in 2018 or 2019 in Toronto I had to go but I was kinda disappointed. I was expecting more.

Coloured Jars. Oil Spill. And the famous Sunflower Seeds.

I wonder if when people felt lost or like something was lacking in their lives if they’d go searching inside themselves for fulfillment rather than outside and to others, cults might lose their attraction? At the same time, they all seem to start off innocent. Been watching shows and listening to podcasts on cults. I find the psychology behind it interesting. Since I’m very suggestive, I don’t think I’d be immune but I’ve never had that urge to search outside. At least not that I recall.

It is easy for me to watch this stuff and true crime, the solved ones, and pretty much anything historical if they already happened. But the news is about stuff that’s happening and I have no idea how it’s going to end. AND often I feel I don’t have enough context to fully understand the why. Which makes me anxious and sadder than things that have been resolved – killer caught, missing people found, dictator dead, etc.

If you are searching, I hope you find good things and truly kind individuals who won’t harm you EVER! (at least not in a culty way) But just know, I believe you already have everything you need.

Fri May 20, 2022

Feature Photo Credit: Samantha Williams – Last Days In Phuket, Thailand.

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