Gosh Darn It

Nothing like the promise of food and/or drink to get me out the house, especially when someone else is paying.

I made it to the office by about 1:00 pm, but I had shit to do, so I did my shit, and I didn’t go to meet those guys cause I thought we were going for drinks after. Well, that crashed and burned but maybe it was all in my head cause no one explicitly said, “Hey Sam! We going for drinks after work. Wanna come!?”

Tomorrow I will head to the office too, most likely because my network is still crappy. It’s almost as if they are rationing how many devices can connect at a time. Sometimes my phone works great. Other times one of my laptops or my iPad. Since the power outage, they haven’t all connected simultaneously.

That means I gotta go. But look what me is doing:

Started as a plain piece of scrap wood that I painted when – then it goes from there.

I plan to turn it into a shelf – so I don’t really need to paint it but when I don’t want a shelf anymore I can display it. 🙂 If/when I don’t have people to torment, I put that energy into making things. I show you my shelf thingy when done.

And BTW – it was a productive afternoon! I did my work without injuring or interrupting anyone! Jer was hallelujahing all over the place. But really, I think he wanted me to bother him, he just didn’t know how to ask. Him and me is going for drinks tomorrow – Bossman are out of town.

I saw Glowbee singing – Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 😍 🥰 😘

It’s 8:00 PM EST, do you know where your head, shoulders, knees and toes are?

Thu May 26, 2022

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