I Worked In Tech Support

Skinny pigs do not know the meaning of, “Don’t bite the hands that feed you.”

“You only feed us hay. It doesn’t count.”

“Of course it does!”

No! In case it didn’t occur to you, we have idioms of our own.” …

Hands that carry you to the dinner table for a meal every night do not bite. But hands that feed you hay, it’s alright!

Hip and Poe (Lesson in Skinny Pig Idiom)

Hmmm … zombie cat hasn’t stopped by lately.


Final product!

I put too much blue on top of the red and didn’t like how it looked so I added white and it’s sealed now too. Overall I like this better than the red version I showed you yesterday. My shelf idea may not work because the board is slightly warped, but we will see. I might just display it and get a narrower scrap for the shelf.

Next project – I might paint flowers and add to my twigs n things somehow


As I get older, it is becoming easier for me to adjust mentally and emotionally according to changing plans. Things don’t have to go exactly how I was expecting. Although … I think this is primarily true when I am the one who changed the plans because usually, I hold things in my head long before I communicate them.

Yesterday, for example, I was ok not going out after work because I was tired and thinking about my bed. And today, I was fine with not going out because it rained, and I didn’t want to deal with worms on the pavement.

By the by … Update on discussions with the Worm King. It will take years to build the wormhole and a few less years to build the storm shelter. Those worms need to get their shit together. 

A song for you, courtesy of Jer. You can thank him when you see him.

🎶 Whatever. I went down to the beach and saw Kiki, she was all like ‘ewwww’ and I’m like Whatever! Then this chick comes up to me and she’s all like ‘hey. Aren’t you that dude’ and I’m like yeah, Whatever! So later, I’m, I’m at the pool hall and this girl comes up and she’s all like ‘uhhhhhh’ and I’m like, Whatever!

Cause this is my United States of Whatever. And this is my United States of Whatever. 🎶

United States of Whatever – Liam Lynch

Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson from Bossman. This is my interpretation of that lesson.

It is alright to feel all is lost, but just because that is your impression (right or wrong), it doesn’t mean all is genuinely, undoubtedly lost. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to do your part to save-improve-rectify the thing you think is lost but, in all likelihood, isn’t. So … Don’t stop doing your part until you are absolutely positively certain there is nothing left to do.

Bossman, as interpreted by Sam

I will take this knowledge with me.


I wanted to show you the latest dick I saw. Minding my business doing an art puzzle and there it is!

Do you see it?

Okay! That’s enough of that!


This morning I woke up and I was like, “You know what! I’m tired of this shitty wifi shit.” I unplugged the router/modem/network box. Waited five minutes and plugged it in. Waited another ten for it to get itself sorted. And whadda you know!

I went looking for my tech certs cause I figured you wouldn’t believe me but I can’t find them. MCSE on Windows NT, CompTIA A+ and Network+, IBM xSeries and Netfinity Servers. AND I was good cause I got promoted multiple times. From supporting home users with various model laptops, to business users with laptops to supporting the tech guys who maintained servers.

I’m putting that on the record, just in case you’re one of those people who think folks with certifications are useless and don’t know shit. Now I can’t troubleshoot tech to save my life. (thank goodness for my IT Guy! Haven’t spoken to him in a while. I will say hi on Monday.) I can’t buy the right parts from Staples, even under the direction of Bossman.

Is Novell still a thing?

My weighted blanket came. It’s really heavy. Let’s hope my breathing isn’t strangulated tonight.

Fri May 27, 2022

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