Ms. Mavis Maynard
Hello Renaissance Lady
You remember me

It's Sam. I am ... your
first Gran'. Who you understood
Always underfoot
In the kitchen while you cooked
The garden while you planted

Veggies and greens and
connections and directions
Thoughts and ideas
Under ... your protective wings
... watchful eye, but free to fly

I remember you
Making us laugh like crazy
Always creating
Drawing portraits on request
Helping me learn ... alphabet

And you'd let me eat 
under the table because
that was exactly ...
Where I loved to sit. With bowl
on chair and bottom on floor

Do you still love me
The person I've grown to be
(response) Yes! Absolutely

For Mimi!

My grandmother was a magnificent individual. She was a shoemaker; I remember her making clogs. She was an artist, a songwriter, a chef – I remember going with her to catering jobs, and I’d be under the counter while she sold the food. (even now I like to sit under my desk or in my closet. I haven’t had a meal under the dining table recently).

I was around her all the time. She’d chase me to bed when she was up late cooking, but I wouldn’t want to go. We had baby chicks in one of the kitchen cupboards, I don’t know why she brought them inside, but they’d stay there for a while, then she’d let them loose in the backyard. If we had baby chicks in the kitchen, I’d play with them while she cooked.

I wish we had more time together but I believe she’d be proud of me! I love you Mimi!

Sam – your first gran’

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