What Is Love – Baby Don’t Hurt Me

Now that my work desk is outside, every now and then, Matt will place something on MY DESK! His phone. Used paper towels. GRRRRRRR! AND when he’s in my bedroom, he has to reach out and touch something. WHY!

Yo! Don’t touch anything on my desk. Don’t put anything on my desk. As far as you are concerned, MY DESK, AND EVERYTHING ON IT, DOES NOT EXIST!!! GOT IT! This is also an issue at work, but that’s a story for another time 🙂

No luck with handball today; parts of the space still had puddles from when it rained. We walked and ran about instead. 

Last night Matt was cooking his chicken at 2:00 am – he asked me to turn on his network access – I told him to focus on cooking and read a book while waiting. Then I fell asleep before I could taste the chicken.

Time off for when dad’s in Toronto? Booked!

Perhaps maybe I will write and publish a poem later. I feel peculiar, unlike my usual self. Hmmm

Do you understand why people fall out of love? I know what they say about the reasons why, but I feel like, If you loved each other before then you can love each other again and maybe if you can’t then is it possible that you never loved that actual person in the first place? Maybe you fell in love with the image of who you’d like that person to become after you’ve made them over.

Feelings change all the time so love has to be deeper than a feeling. And if it isn’t a feeling, then what is it? An action, a series of consistent behaviours irrespective of how you feel?

I don’t need to figure it out today!

Mon May 02, 2022

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