Tryouts thru-out our Youth
We rush to sow our truths
Honest tho unwise - on sunrise
(We realize)

No nourish to the Sowers
Us or Others, Seniors retort
Then hiss, throw stones in wroth

Truth stutters, then twist
then withers - we witness
Youth riots, sours, ruins

Orient to Us - Seniors
Not Those - Rotten Others
Trust snorts, snores, stunts

Then We thirst to suit our Seniors
Now their shrine sitters. Heirs
We! The new Us inerts

Youth thrown out
Trust no Others 
Not worth it
(and Others cannot earn it)

[In an anagrammatic poem] “every letter in every word of the poem should be the same as the letters
in the title of the poem.” (The Complete Guide to Poetic Forms by Robert Lee Brewer).


This was difficult but fun and I kinda cheated by using a “big” word and I still couldn’t say everything I wanted to, hence the brackets.


Feature Photo Credit: Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

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