Get to Working

At four this morning, I decided to move my work desk out of the bedroom – I know that bedrooms are only for sleeping and sexing, but I wanted to have a door I could close during COVID. Now, the boys spend most of their time in their rooms, so it’s no longer an issue.

I don’t particularly feel stressed from work stuff, but since my sleep is such garbage, I am committed to doing as much as I can to fix it – which means no more career work in the bedroom.

I am super stoked yo! I’m going to be in front of the client again, not as project lead, but that’s ok with me – remember I said I would support the team in whatever capacity they need me. And now they need me in front of the client.

Ok – we did talk about putting me in front of the client again to help with project management, but it’s actually happening!!! Tomorrow 🙂

I am making a monster that is going to eat the boat – do you see it?

Professional services excite me. Now I must dust off my BA skills and pull out all the notes I made on our system. I get to help the team as PM and BA. It is not uncommon for PMs to double as BAs, so I got some rusty skills to fall back on – but I can’t fall too hard. I am sure a lot has changed, which means I got work to do over the next few days and this weekend to pull together templates I’ve created and get organized to make sure I am following best practices.

I am not worried about succeeding on the BA side. After I do my part, which includes being fabulous, I am confident in the support I will receive from some of our team members, including our sales director, US account manager, Jer and Bossman. I want to believe I have the support of the engineering team, but I am not delusional.    

To Teamwork and Working With Teams! (Not Microsoft Teams). Having people who have your back and front and sides and top and bottom (not that bottom you perv) feels lovely. I am thrilled!


AND … Now that I will be attending client meetings, I must absolutely be on my A-Game! Even in a support capacity. 🎶 I wish that I could have this moment for life. Cause in this moment, I just feel so alive. 🎶 Now I’m working! Not that I wasn’t before, but project and process stuff makes me feel ALIVE!!! 

Go! (I done been set and ready long, long time). 🎶 Oooh. Oooh. Oooh. Oooh 🎶

Wed Apr 20, 2022

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