Expressive Typography

I have a feeling I’m living in the wrong timezone. 🎶 Baaaaby rat. Do do do do do do. Baby rat. 🎶

Spoke to Dee for feedback on Words,” Why did you use that paper, that font, those colours?”

“Ahhhhh. I don’t know.”

I learn that I need to consider those things when I do this stuff – and BTW, “this stuff” has a name, expressive typography. For example, suppose my paper is old. In that case, I want to use a font from that period – this isn’t to say that I can’t use a newer font, but everything must come together and compliment each other – even the fonts must be complimentary if I use different types. 

I am excited for doing more expressive typography.

Drè keeps asking me to watch Strongman Fishing – I didn’t know that was a thing. Last week we watched sumo wrestling.

I took a sick day and will likely take one tomorrow too – I coughed up all my internal organs and my throat kills and my head hurts – I might have broken my clavicle. But whatever … life goes on.

First! Line art 🙂

I am working on an anagrammatic poem – I can only use letters that match the title of the poem – for example, if the name of the poem is Artillery, I cannot use any letters that aren’t in the word “Artillery.” I can’t wait to get to the other traditional types and there are Spanish, French, Welch, Irish, Japanese poem types in the book too.

Wed Jan 19, 2022

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