Jul 19 to 21 – Journal Entry

Sun Jul 19:

My apartment came with a 5×6 storage room. I decided I am going to repurpose that room so Matt has space to play his games. He’s online for hours and hours and hours, and he is soooo freakin’ loud. 

Anyway, I rented a storage space, and initially, all I was going to do was take the stuff from my storage room and put it in Public Storage. Now, this has become a massive endeavour. It’s like late spring cleaning. 

I gave away four 45L garbage bags of clothing and one of shoes. Rearranged my room and my entire closet – casual/party/dinner clothes on one side and work clothes on the other side. I still have way too many shoes and no parties to go to. No dinner dates. Nothing! 

I couldn’t get rid of these SM Rhinestone Booties – They look great with my black suit

I realized that I don’t need to buy any more clothes or shoes. None. Nada. Zilch! AND if I do end up buying anything new, I have to be willing to part with something I already have. For example, if I buy shoes, I have to give away a pair. Equilibrium. I feel free-er. Now I just got to get all this extra stuff out of my face. 

All the books I have stacked all over the place are going to storage too – My next home will have a library with a kick-ass sound system and a dance floor. Absolutely! 

Mon Jul 20:

OKRs are coming along – slowly but surely. I started writing a poem for word prompt “Candy.” Then I stopped. Ended up watching two movies on Shudder The Pool  (2019 Thailand) And Lake of Death (2019 Norwegian). Sometimes I take a break from foreign films cause I get tired of reading subtitles – some people talk really fast and I have to be rewinding and pausing all the time. 

When I was younger, and only until a few years ago, I read all the time. Now I watch movies all the time. Soon I will write all the time. ( I hope)

I want access to at least a 65″ flatscreen with endless streamable uncensored movies when I die. Every time a new TV comes out, mine must be upgraded (as stipulated in the contract). 

My sister is pregnant.

Tue Jul 21:

After feeling my lymph nodes, liver and spleen (maybe it was my kidney), my doctor said I am fine. I don’t like the word “lymph” it sounds like something that shouldn’t be inside your body. Water nodes is much better. I asked her if I needed an x-ray. She said no and that there is no reason for me to be alarmed. I guess I feel better. Then I had to get my blood take. I hate that.

I ran across the street from the doctor’s office to sign the papers for the storage space. I rented a 5×5 online but ended up with a 5×10. The 5×5 looked so tiny, plus now that I am putting other stuff in there, I had to get the bigger size. Watch, after I pack everything in there, I’m gonna have a shit tonne of space left that will equal 5×5 exactly! Ugh. My spatial skills are horrendous – I should have married a designer or an engineer or a mathematician. 

Growing another avocado plant. A trend my daughter started

I have trouble choosing the right containers for storing leftovers. My daughter will be like, “Mom! That won’t fit in there!” And I love to rearrange things – bad spatial skills and regular rearrangements don’t make a good couple – lots of rework to get things right. Before the pandemic, I said to my boss, “Let’s rearrange the office!” 

“We can’t.”

“What do you mean we can’t? We put the TV stand over here, the two desks over there and the fridge and file cabinets can go right here.”

“It won’t fit.” (That’s what she said – I thought)

“What do you mean it won’t fit!” (She also said that)

He whipped out two pieces of paper, did some folding and drawing. Then I was like, “Oh!”

And that was that!

They keep making fatal attraction movies. Why? Because you are not supposed to cheat. Get that into your thick skull!! The latest one is on Netflix Fatal Affair – Lame. 

I think cheating is wrong, not for religious reasons, but because it causes you to be deceptive. I’ve never been married or in a relationship long enough where our routines become boring – so take this with a grain of salt (or maybe with some kimchi. How ever you like. BTW rice and kimchi go well together – simple.) 

… But I believe people cheat because they are just plain bored. Plenty of fun and excitement comes with a new love. Having to sneak about for clandestine interludes can make you feel alive. But why don’t you put all that energy into making your current relationship fun and exciting again? And if you don’t want to spend your time making things better, then get out muthafucka! 

“You can go your own way!” – Fleetwood Mac. Anyone, or anything, that is acquired can be dropped – Just drop it (like it’s hot). lol.

One day, if I ever feel ready to settle down and share my space, I will get myself a Stepford Husband and program him to watch five movies in a row and clean up after himself.

If you decide to watch The Stepford Wives, please watch the 1970s version. NOT the one with Nicole Kidman. Or you could read the book. I was looking forward to the remake and they butchered it. Now I feel like watching that movie again.

I’m thirsty for water and a great zombie horror movie. Waiting impatiently to watch Peninsula (2020) – third in line from Seoul Station (2016) and Train to Busan (2016)

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