You’re Making Me Uncomfortable

My boss did it again. Within the first few minutes of the town hall, “Sam, do you mind saying a few words about OKRs!?”

Yes! Muthafucka! I do mind! I been working on this damn deck for over a week, AND NOW you asking me to say a few words. NOW! What the fuck am I supposed to say!? I don’t even know what OKRs are!

“Sure.” I think that was my reply. I don’t remember anything after he asked the question/made the statement. My brain went into overheat mode, then a fire started in my temporal lobe – I’m scrambling to think of what to say, AND I’m looking for the damn extinguisher because the sprinkler system stopped working years ago. Anyhow, I remained standing, and I delivered.

This is probably the third or fourth time my boss caught me off guard … I remember telling myself that I’d always prepare, just in case. But this time, I didn’t think I’d have to say anything. Grrrrr … Well, thank you, Bossman Sir, for dragging me, kicking and screaming, once again, out of my comfort zone.

The cool slide transitions didn’t come across well, and some of the formatting got screwed up during the presentation. To be safe, I will pdf my presentations to preserve the design (also recommended by our sales director), but I hate losing the transitions. That makes the presentation so much more fun on delivery. 😦

I took the rest of the afternoon off, not because of the town hall temporal lobe incident but because I feel trashy again. All my sleepless nights eventually culminate in sick days – And it always comes on suddenly. Monday night before going to bed, I felt fine and by 2:00 am Tuesday, I felt like shit.

There are lots of snow angels in the field today. Me need cough medicine and soup and herbal teas and lozenges. Do you think snowplow driving is fun? I will put all the snow where it’s not supposed to go. I’ll pile the snow in front of your door and on top of your car. My snowplow will have a customized blower to blow snow at people and onto places already plowed. 

I was up surfing when I should have been sleeping, but I found a poem types book, from Writer’s Digest maybe – now I trying to write a blitz – it’s kinda silly and doesn’t make sense to me but I said I would attempt to write every type of poem out there, at least once.

Tue Jan 18, 2022

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