Snow Glorious Snow

Today I procrastinated.

Made some additional changes to the deck; our sales director was happy with the presentation, which made me happy. When that was all done, I stood and stared at my OKRs, waiting for them to speak to me, but no one said nothing. So instead, I got caught up on my PMBOK 7 reading.

This morning I didn’t expect to see the highway choked full of cars. Where was everyone going? There were stalled cars, vans, even a truck; watched folks taking pictures in the field. A family brought their dogs out – one dog was happy to be outside, jumping and running in the snow. I think the other was ready to go home as soon as it came out.

The boys wanted to order food for themselves – I reminded them not to send anyone out today. Do you know who Morley is? I have these random things I say, and I’d like to make art out of it. But on my first try – I don’t like what I see. I know something is missing because it doesn’t feel right when I look at it, but I don’t know how to fix it. I sent to Dee for direction, but she’s busy with work and freelance stuff so I had to figure it out for myself – Posted!

My WIP from yesterday

BTW – some gyms are staying open. If the lockdown goes past Jan, I will look to join one of them temporarily – I cannot lose my gains. Since for about two years, I’ve been waiting to get the Elevation Lab drafting table and it’s always sold out. The ratings are too good for me to get anything else.

Soon it will be March, and I would not have met my French language goals. Also, I would like a closet with a hidden-popup Glowbee in it. 🙂

Mon Jan 17, 2022

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