Journal Entry – Fri Dec 18

Remember I told you how I wake up to a song in my head pretty much every morning – this morning it was You Light Up My Life by Debby Boone. Sometimes I can’t tell you what the song was cause I forget, but when I don’t, I will tell you what it is 🙂

Scatterbrain-Civil Disobedience Day! It’s like the things in my head are demanding attention at once. All must-doswant-to-dos, should-dos, self-imposed deadlines, ideas brewing in the back of my head, memories of conversations with various individuals and random curiosities, like how does a flat roof drain are colliding. They don’t want to line up in an orderly manner and wait their turn.

“Everybody! Please be quiet! Take a number if you don’t have one already – and don’t push! Due to COVID, you will have to line up outside. I’m sorry! I know it’s cold, but I only have so much space! Thank you for your cooperation!”  

We’ve been here for 18 days, and André’s room looks like a bum’s paradise. The only thing hanging in the closet is his coat, which is because of Matt. He will take off his clothes, throw them on the floor, then wear them the next day and the day after that – and in between wears he’s likely to be walking all over them.

Well – I spent some time trying to find my stories and finally posted my collection. I think I will have a separate post for my Jamie story and my artwork (it will be easier for me to monitor my progress.) Maybe this weekend I will organize my artwork and Jamie story.

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