Journal Entry – Sun Nov 15

You should read Leading Without Authority by Keith Ferrazzi and The Servant by James C. Hunter. I borrowed The Servant from the library a few years back. I read it two or three times before returning it. Short and sweet!

God! I can’t believe it’s Sunday already. I’m never gonna stop bitchin’ about short weekends, so just get used to it. How long does it take to prepare three pounds of garlic for the freezer? ~ 3 hours. It’s only 7:00 pm, but so far I haven’t had any alcohol today 🙂 All-day Thursday! All-day Friday! All-day Saturday!

Today I was reminiscing about Thailand, so I decided to make the table condiment nam pla prik. I looked and looked for the recipe, and everything Google gave me was sweet chili sauce. Then finally … I saw a picture that resembled what I remembered. I am going to create a condiment caddy 🙂

nam pla prik

My vision is getting worse. It takes longer for me to focus between near and far stuff. 🎶 Get glasses, Alice. Get glasses. You’ll look good in glasses, Alice. 🎶

I’ve been doing some calculations, and I am looking forward to my 55th birthday – By 2028, Matt will be 22, and André will be 25. (Exhale!). Technically I could look forward to 50, but I don’t think I’ll be rid of them by then, and I just don’t want to set myself up for disappointment – if it happens sooner – Fantastic!

I wish I were three years older. Then I’d be 60 in 2030 (I like how 2030 looks, and it’s all even numbers with zeros). But then mom would have been 15 and dad 19. And I probably wouldn’t be here if my mom got pregnant that young.

Did I ever tell you about the time my Catholic school brought us all down to the gym/auditorium to show us an abortion video. It was awful. I hope they don’t do that anymore. They just called us down, maybe grade 9 or 10, perhaps the principal might have said something about abortion and burning in hell. Then they dimmed the lights and played the movie. We saw baby body parts everywhere. I remember tiny feet and hands. Lots of blood. Limbs that weren’t attached to bodies.

Then the movie ended, and we shuffled out. Back to class. None of the teachers said anything about what we’d witness. We left the gym like, “What the fuck was that!?!?” I don’t even remember the rest of that day.

I think it’s time for another tattoo – I wanna get my Thursday Meditating Buddha pose – Pang Samti. I don’t know where I’m gonna put it. I’m going back to Thailand and when I do, I will stay in a temple with monks, doing volunteer work and enjoying the silence.

Feature Photo Credit: Susann Mielke from Pixabay

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