Journal Entry – Tue Nov 17

I’m on vacation. I wish I had nothing to do but tomorrow I have to take Matt to the pediatric clinic for a follow-up hearing test. I gotta get my stupid lab work done. Thursday, I have to go to the dentist. Friday, I have all to myself! I’m gonna have a three day weekend, but Sunday will still arrive and catch me by surprise.

If you had to assign a gender to Sunday, what would it be? I think Sunday may be genderqueer. And for me, Friday is definitely a cis male. (hello Friday!)

The marrow bones weren’t a total hit – the boys liked it, but Dee didn’t. For me, it tasted different than I remembered. I plan to try it at a restaurant, just to have something for comparison purposes. I made a shallot, parsley, caper dressing that went well with it. I don’t think Dee would have eaten it without that.

So … The last time I gave my finances the attention it deserved was in June. Now I’m so far behind with the spreadsheet updates that I don’t even wanna do it anymore. (sigh!) I should, but I’m not going to. I gonna start fresh in the new year.

Another day sober. There’s an app that keeps track – SoberTool. The counselor lady told me to find something to do to replace my nighttime drinking – Tea and a book maybe? Yoga? I don’t know yet. Let’s hope I don’t pick up another bad habit, like Jeffrey D. (I’m joking but that’s kinda not funny).

Last night I couldn’t sleep, like the Ghetto Boys, but I don’t think my mind is playing tricks on me. I have coconut vinegar in my cupboard. 🙂

Alaskan wood frogs are pretty effin’ cool!

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