Journal Entry – Mon Sep 21

I just realized, for maybe the second time in the last two years, that I’ve become one of those people – you know, the people who have dishes for special occasions, like my mom, stepmoms, etc … As a child I never understood why we needed two sets of dishes and utensils. It was so annoying and all hell would break loose if anyone tried to use the special dishes. Memories. Now I get it and it makes complete sense to me, because children, specifically boys in my case, are destructive.

Although I’ve been a parent for 27 years, it’s only in the last two that I’ve started entertaining and it’s mainly because of my daughter. So maybe if I didn’t need to entertain, I wouldn’t need special dishes. I don’t think there is a tea cup that doesn’t have a chip and for some reason, my utensils will disappear and everytime I buy a new set, some will go missing – so now I have three or four incomplete sets of utensils. How? It’s as strange as socks that go missing never to reappear.

When it was just me and my daughter, shit didn’t break nearly as much – even the toys that the boys inherited, that have been around for decades and in good condition have disintegrated, I can’t even give them away. Remember Betty Spaghetty – I think I played with her more than my daughter did.

WTH! Matt is so clumsy, he will trip over his own feet and bump into walls and act like the wall wasn’t there before – apparently there is science behind this clumsiness that relates to growth spurts.

So now I have a cupboard full of special – dishes, utensils, mugs, glasses, serving plates, etc. And it’s above the refrigerator which isn’t easy to get to. I had to rearrange my kitchen to make space for the Instant Pot!

The Dog Walker contacted me again today, on Skype this time. My disinterest is still palpable. Obviously he cannot sense it.

I go to wake up André for school this morning and he looks at me like, “School!? What’s school?”

I watched The Conjuring (2013). I was bored so I baked another cake – this one was French Vanilla out the Betty Crocker box. I flip the box over for instructions and the first thing I see – WARNING: EATING RAW CAKE BATTER WILL GIVE YOU FLESH EATING DISEASE WHICH IS A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE

I’m joking. The box just says not to eat it but I wonder why, is it the eggs? So much for another 24 hrs of fasting. I’ll start tomorrow. I wonder sometimes if I know the difference between bored and lonely? I don’t feel lonely (provided I know what lonely is).

André came in the kitchen – “You’re baking again!”

“Yes! I was bored.”

“If you’re bored why don’t you go for a run or something!”

I just gave him “the look,” he put his hands up and left the kitchen. 🙂

Do you support independent journalism?

Have you heard about the guy that owns a penis museum. He collects all kinds of penises – I think the museum is in Iceland or maybe Greenland.

Good night!

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