Hip! Hip!

I woke up with words to a poem on my lips, but I was still too sleepy and couldn’t reach for my book – now the words are gone 😦 Something about stairs.

Dad’s coming to Toronto in June – I am so excited! Dee and Sabs are renting an AirBB for a month cause their unit flooded. I might take my stuff and work from there sometime this week.

The boys finished cleaning the kitchen over the weekend, and you would not believe what Dre said to me this morning, “Mom. It feels really good to walk into a clean kitchen.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had to slap him. Awww … My baby-man is slowly becoming an adult-man. I will call him aby-man from now on. AND Matt cleaned up Zoey’s cage for me. Thank you, abies!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t ever assume “man” is prefixed by “adult.”

Saturday night, Matt made a killer broiled salmon using an online recipe – He was super proud of himself and couldn’t wait for me to taste it. So that’s what I was doing at 2:30 am – salmon tasting. Perfectly cooked. He took a break from gaming to grocery shop and cook. He always starts cooking so late – but I’m not complaining. AND Dre is making good use of the air fryer.

This may be the last time I change the theme (unless I change my mind) because I can’t always be going back and modifying shit cause it didn’t come out correctly; some posts or certain blocks in posts are difficult to read. I have 500 and 30 posts on my site.

A few days back, I realized I’ve used “look” and “see” in my poems quite a bit together and separately – I love those poems, but I know more words πŸ™‚ My last two poems did not have either word, and I will not use them in the next five poems, not including the two I published this weekend.

I napped today – couldn’t help it, probably because it was raining (now it’s snowing.)

Have a good evening – I go continue fixing my posts.

Mon Apr 18, 2022

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