Journal Entry – Sun Sep 20

Well – it’s official. I cannot cook and maintain my fast. I must stay out of the kitchen. But I did go for over 24 hrs without eating and I didn’t feel hungry. I thought I’d be starving.

I’m in love with my Instant Pot 🙂 – I’m gonna use every setting to cook every kind of dish. I already got the accessories, steamers and egg holder thingies and a cake pan for the IP. Dinner was:

Braised Oxtail
Potatoes boiled in Garlic Cream
Kale Sweet Potato Salad w/ a Red Wine Garlic Vinaigrette 

The boys were disappointed that I didn’t cook rice but we have enough starch on the menu. To get fall of the bone meat I had to cook it for 6o minutes which is about the same time as my stove top pressure cooker. For dessert I baked a Honey Almond cake – I used the regular oven, I’m not sure yet how to translate a traditional oven time into IP time. I will start my fast again tomorrow and count my three days from then. I don’t think including sugary sweets when I break my fast is a good idea, but I couldn’t help myself.

The Pot, that reminds me of Tool – I was so excited when they got on Spotify – Sorry. The Pot came with a second sealant ring. They recommend using one for savory and one for sweet dishes.

I told the kids to look in my keto cookbooks for stuff they want to try – that way I don’t have to be too concerned about what I eat and I will continue to cook healthy stuff (well, healthy according to keto, my ex nutritionist still thinks that not eating fruits is crazy)

André keeps taking out my pork belly from the freezer and I keep putting it back – He’s obsessed with cooking it himself for some reason. Dee told him to at least find a recipe and follow it, which reduces my anxiety, and I just hate the idea of wasted food. The last time I bought him something that he wanted to cook, it was the kidney and it just stunk up the place. Organ meats are gross.

One time I bought bison steaks and he wanted to cook one himself – I was like, “hell to the mofo no!” It wouldn’t be so bad if I could guide him but he wants to do it on his own and just experiment, throwing random shit in the pot. Noooooooooooooooo! Have you ever had an elk burger?

My ear and throat aches are gone and my ankle feels better too. Matt is watching the Emmys – I don’t watch award shows but I checked out the first part. No one is in the audience, everyone is at home, or somewhere else – I feel like they filmed the nomination/envelope reading part before hand.

I think this week is going to go by quickly because I am on vacation next week – then my vacation week will go by slowly. I plan to write all week.

You should watch – My Octopus Teacher (2020) on Netflix. Did I tell you that I am getting rid of Netflix for Crave and Disney. I watched Cinderella (1950) last week. So now I have , Crave, Disney, Prime, The Great Courses and Shudder.

Did you know that Cinderella is based on a Chinese story, I don’t know if they called them fairy tales. In the Chinese version it was a magic fish, not a magic fairy godmother – I think it was a koi fish and I can’t remember the name of Chinese “Cinderella” 😦

I’m supposed to have a meeting at 9 am tomorrow, but I didn’t get confirmation from the client. I’ll prepare anyway

There was something else I wanted to tell you … Shucks!

Sleep tight! Wake up dynamite! lol.

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