When We Die

Where do we go when we die
I guess I could tell you a lie
But then again, why should I

You do indeed see a light
It isn’t exactly white
(Swiss Coffee possibly, I suspect)
If you weren’t dead, it’d keep you up at night

As for the stories of your life
You will see things you cannot remember
In reverse, from end to start – keep up do not disembark
(Anyway you cannot, I suspect)
Too late now to overcome the strife
Deal with it; such was your life

This is the truth I’ve supplied
Prepare yourself after the tears subside
Good and bad doesn’t matter
Fair, unfair – no one’s counting
ON STRIKE – Morality Accounting

Information is based on empirical fact
I know! Because I came back.

This is darker than my usual posts but I am exploring and wondering if I could handle this truth (if it is).

“You can’t handle the truth!” – Colonel Nathan Jessep from A Few Good Men (1992)

I’ll hit you with a movie quote every chance I get! 🙂


Feature Photo Credit: Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

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