Fool (Sonnet XXV)

At it again, skiing uphill Gale force winds Slapping my face Disgrace Monumental fights Can I do one thing right The snow is blinding bright Pills! At my bedside On my desk For better or worse This life feels cursed And I cry and endure And sweat and scream “I can’t take it anymore!” Break... Continue Reading →

Question Mark

Inspiration and motivation have abandoned me Why I write has become an unsolvable mystery In fits and starts - I wake and stare at the ceiling Waiting in the dark for the Universe to speak up Waiting at my desk for words to type themselves Waiting with my green and gold Faber Castell 2H Ready... Continue Reading →


People want to know, "Why!?" A seemingly simple inquiry Expecting satisfactory explanations To make sense of the nonsensical Those incomprehensible acts From the dark side of human nature Where the moral compass is missing or askew Where any answer given will never be good enough Some do because they can. Because they want to Also,... Continue Reading →

Ammunition (media training)

in full media glory a chance to tell one side of the story know your audience be careful not to offend coworkers and others are depending on you lean a bit or a bit more completely perhaps to the left to the right depending on the situation fence-sitting neutrality sure is alright an interview you... Continue Reading →

Motions (Sonnet XXIV)

It's been many decades since our first dance Without you, the music doesn’t move me We met, by chance, from a single glance If only, a composition for loss was the key Setting me free. Maybe. If loss I could foresee Dwelling on bygones, the fetal position forms On knees. For your love, one more... Continue Reading →

Elements of Love

The wind is howling Beckoning me Outside is where you need to be I would love to love you Unconditionally But I’ve tried that already Your constant roving Kept me wanting more The Stillness roars When you’re away The Trees don’t say “Good day!” with a sway And when you happen to return For a... Continue Reading →

Perpetual Disaster (Sonnet XXIII)

passionate fights with bladed words we speak from places of surety picking up the shredded parts of our hearts starting over with glass shards knowing we are not whole there’s damage gaping holes we’ve grown to ignore surgery individual counseling and couples therapy this is us it's too late to make a fuss let's call... Continue Reading →


Naked trees Missing Their autumn leaves Chimney stacks Fuming A protest to - cold, dreary days - grey, lifeless skies - duty ... keeping noxious gases at bay - feeling stuck We too Wish to Jump into piles of leaves Play catch with the breeze Make mud pies and acorn owls Instead ... We watch... Continue Reading →

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