So sorry! I did not mean to send that My fingers are also fat This is still a Japanese poem (haiku/senryu) because it has seventeen syllables. I've just laid it out differently. Sam


Reasons and excuses. Exchanging usage Wounded by the words you say Emotional devastation I cannot downplay Hanging around my neck - Nooses Verbal sewage Pontificate - Listen to me, or else Bleeding. Black, red and blue. Purple too Wounds - when I unfollow you Broken @shajni via Twenty20 Feature Photo Credit: @kateryna1_kat via Twenty20


The next time I have an affair It will be sincere I swear You can come over Late at night or During the day When my (in)significant other goes away We're together but not really Honestly. Regardless ... I'm set! Are you ready? Just know This won't go on forever My moods change Faster than... Continue Reading →


Grass. Trees. Flowers. Bees. When outside I always sneeze. Pardon me! Tissue. Please. Sorry I have allergies. Allergies My son Matt suggested to add the last line. Thank you - I think it sounds more complete now!Feature Photo Credit: Image by Schwoaze from Pixabay


The Two of Us Find me by the light Let the moon be your guide Take everything in stride Sidestep, foxtrot, teeter tot Party on the ocean - high tide Waves of motion - we glide See you among the stars Our galaxy - everlast


Glow Beautiful Glowbee Sleep peacefully   Dream in vivid bliss Of Sesame Street - Big Bird kiss Rest assured - nothing's amiss   Stroller strolls in the park Dog barks, curiosity sparks Mom and Dad, Baby Monarch   When you wake We'll be here, Baby Cake Summer Snowflake   And as you grow Just know... Continue Reading →


What is going to happen when all the Blacks and the Jews and the LGBTQs are gone? Along with the Indigenous Folks and the many other disenfranchised Johns, Janes and Joes Then who will be up next to the plate to experience hate? In any of its many guises Fit all! One sizes! Do you... Continue Reading →


Remember the aisleWhere I made you smileWe met over coffeeStrawberry jam and mint jelly Minding my physical fitnessHello again. Here to bear witness?Holding on to cool eucalyptus towelsWe chat. Sipping Blue Magic and water - S'well Good morning! Once more without warningRunning into you is common, I'm learningBlonde Doubleshot and Iced Almond Honey - Flat... Continue Reading →


Calculated Investment Dating a sweet guy Pretty as a butterfly Smells like apple pie Looking good enough to eat They all want to sink their teeth --- Since I am also sweet(er) We agree to non-compete Our signatures on the sheet Having engaged in a cost-benefit-psycho analysis That ends without paralysis The new relationship narrative... Continue Reading →

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