Jul 12 to 17 – Journal Entry

Hello ๐Ÿ˜‘

My intention is not to write one massive entry per week, but lately, I lack the discipline to write as consistently as I did early this year. It doesn’t take much to throw me off my game. One minor interruption, such as having to work later than planned, could disrupt everything else. Some days I will work well over my eight hours – I won’t stop to eat or take breaks. I don’t feel exhausted, because likely I am immersed in something I love. But still … I have to learn to stop. I’ve set a bunch of alarms. Let’s see if they work.

My Fitbit reminds me to walk every hour – The chiropractor said that I should get up from my desk every 40 minutes, even if it is just for 10 seconds to take a few steps and stretch. Fitbit says I should take 250 steps every hour.

Sun Jul 12:

I am still looking for storage space – sometimes it takes a long time, too long, for me to make a decision. I got my daughter to help me search. I remember when I used to run away from home in my teens. When I left permanently, I had two Glad garbage bags of stuff. Glad indeed ๐Ÿ™‚ I think they called their company Glad because throwing things out can bring you joy. Moving on with your life can bring you joy. Travelling light can bring you joy. Now I have amassed stuff, and I need to declutter – I wish I could throw two garbage bags over my shoulder and move on to the next phase in my life via TTC ๐Ÿ™‚ 

It is too bad that you cannot throw undesirable people out with the garbage (legally, physically). But you can throw them out mentally; I think that is what compartmentalization is. 

Mon Jul 13:

My index finger is itchy on my left hand. I wonder if that means something. You ever heard them (yeah those people) say that if your palm is itchy, you will either get or lose money – it depends which hand, but I can never remember which is which. 

I have a love-hate relationship with Monday. I only have one meeting, so it is a great day to get work done, but I always find myself wishing I could skip Monday. If Monday were a weekend rather than a weekday, my life would have new meaning ๐Ÿ™‚

I look over at my training schedule – thank God it is a rest day. If I had to run, I would run off a cliff (I am joking – there are no cliffs nearby.) I could run off a bridge, but that is not a smooth movement. I’d have to run then jump, like hurdles, then fly. hehe. I am not suicidal. 

My boss told all the execs that he wants feedback on the OKRs he created – these are top-level OKRs. He wants to avoid groupthink, so he asked me to create a survey. I loathe Survey Monkey, and I am not a survey making expert. Ugh. Anyway, I did the best I could and sent it to him for review before sending to the team. 

Then ppl were like wtf … of course, I had to make some revisions and have convos with different people to explain some things. Which I don’t mind, I hope that everyone who has questions will get in touch and not wait to bitch about the problems they experienced in next Monday’s meeting.

I have pork belly in the freezer – I bought it months ago from The Healthy Butcher. I think I am ready to cook it.

Tue Jul 14:

During our last board meeting, my boss decided to use Asana to track action items. Awesome. I love Asana. Absolutely! I met with the Office Manager to provide a quick introduction to Asana. I want everyone to use Asana, but we are not there yet. I think it should be the hub out of which work flows – this will avoid so many of the issues I see. I love when things are streamlined and smooth, where information flows and spreads easily like room temp butter.ย 

Again, at our product meeting, the architect is raising concerns about the dialysis project – it isn’t even a project yet. We are still collecting information. The business model, business case and contract are all outstanding. Most times the things I learned from The Compassion Book remain in the fore when working with people I find difficult, and I wonder about my ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Other times, I just want to jump through space and strangle some sense into people – choke the irrational, combative nonsense out and squeeze in, critical thinking, active listening, emotional intelligence and my point of view ( That last part might be considered brainwashing) lol.ย 

Anyway, I am glad my boss was on the call this time because he has had more conversations with our potential client and understands the industry a thousand times better than I do. Turns out, it was mainly a nomenclature misunderstanding. Mainly. 

I believe that our Chief Architect is in my life to teach me something and to make me change – until I do, I will continue to find him annoying (putting it lightly). He doesn’t bring out the worst in me anymore, and I don’t see him as adversarial as I use to – I have changed, but I have more work to do.

I have to marinate the pork belly – I cannot find the Korean recipe (crying like Snoopy).  

Wed Jul 15:

Hump Day! Pork belly dinner with fried okra and coleslaw Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

Today with our UK client, I was looking forward to finding out when the clinical team will be available to restart the project – they are still tied up with C-19 stuff.ย 

OMG !!! Theย Future of Asanaย virtual event started at 1:00 pm. Man! Woman! Non-Binary! Stoked for the future, I am ๐Ÿ™‚ They talked about using AI to act as your virtual assistant – prioritizing your work, helping you to focus. Automatically suggesting options for rebalancing your project portfolio. This was a glimpse into their multi-year product roadmap. It was sooooo fascinating and inspiring. I even learned about Dawoud Bey – an American photographer.

I love how they presented the information, using examples of real people based on SF MOMA, an Asana client. The presentation showed how individuals, teams and organizations can make use of the features to come.

They even have a new feature, Goals already in place, I can see it on my sidebar. It is based on OKRs – Perfect timing. Thank you Asana! I love you very much – I can live with you. I just have to convince these guys to use Asana as genuinely intended – that is when we will see the real benefits. Above all, I am happy that after all the research I did, I picked the right application to move us into a fantastic future.ย 

I was so excited after watching that I had to share info with my daughter. She uses Asana for work. She couldn’t care less – I don’t get it!

Thu Jul 16:

All week I have been drinking iced coffee, w/ condensed milk and coffee foam (coffee, water and sugar blended – Dalgona Coffee). Mmmmmm. But again, I shouldn’t have dairy. I wish I had a sour tooth.

Our US client is off fighting COVID Wars (that’s a thing I just made up). I had to cancel our 11:00 am. The project should have gone live in April – This was supposed to be our last meeting. Instead, I am extending the meeting recurrence into the first week of November. 

Sometimes I daydream about a more exciting pandemic – apocalyptic Robot Zombie type ( I am Legend meets Shaun of the Dead, meets World War Z, meets I, Robot) Sweet! Then you wouldn’t just be at home, working and being annoyed by children. I’d rather be fielding killer zombie robot attacks. Wouldn’t you? Then I will make my way to Sue’s heavenly hideaway. 

My Heaven has cinnamon buns, alcohol, edibles, psychedelics and everything sweet. No bugs, no liver alcohol, fast food related diseases and no weight gain. Sign me up!

The pork belly was a hit – not melt in your mouth soft as I would have liked – Nome Izakaya and Miss Korea have the best pork belly – Miss Korea is a hit or miss, but Nome is consistently good. This time I made it in the oven. I think I will slice and deep fry it next time.

My dentist wants me to come in – I am afraid. I wish my dentist/hygienist could put me to sleep – I hate hearing the sound of their devices. I hate having to keep my mouth open. I hate having to spit! I would like to exchange all of my teeth for dental implants – I wonder if I would still have to get my fake teeth cleaned? If I still have to go to the dentist then forget it – I’d rather have no teeth. lmao. Silly!ย If I lost my teeth I would be sad because I love to laugh an smile. If I laughed with no teeth, would people be laughing with me or at me? Would they even laugh?

It’s 5:00 pm, I’m chilling out on my bed playing Logic Pic, with Skeleton Stories watching me, while listening to the radio – Ooh la la, ah wee wee, (love the vintage hip hop vibe of that song) when I get a message from my boss via WhatsApp 

Hey are you free? Too funny (I reply with lol, I know I’m about to hear some crazy stupid shit) 

Literally, right after I hit send, he calls me. I’m on speaker talking to my boss and the building security guard. It turns out he was using the wrong code for months now, and the code is a master code from the previous building property manager that somebody forgot to disable. I tell him what the code is. Basically, he swapped two of the numbers and ends up with a master code that could get into any room in the building – Only my boss. 

Fri Jul 17:

I am looking forward to the day when I don’t have to fill out spreadsheets or share the same information multiple times because everyone is in their own stupid bubble. Or when I don’t have to remind people to log their time – God! 

I am not your corporate babysitter, you shitbag!

Today is fast food Friday – I wasn’t going to order food – I had planned to slice and deep fry some Italian sausages, to have with garlic aioli and sides of sauerkraut with arugula salad but it’s so damn hot! Our AC is still on backorder. Well, after I said “eff the kitchen,” I decided to order from Naan and Kabob, which I don’t consider fast food. Tomorrow the kids are supposed to go for a BBQ – I plan to stay in and get myself a burger from Mini Moes.

I’ve been binging on Terror, Amazon Prime series. I bought myself a Sennheiser Momentum 2 wireless headphone with active noise cancellation. Supposed to get it tomorrow. My boss kept complaining about not hearing me properly – I don’t think I will get away with expensing an 250$+ headset – lol.

Earlier this week – I told the boys that if I wake up in the morning and chores aren’t done, specifically the kitchen isn’t clean, I will take their devices until it gets done. But this isn’t giving me the desired results – I am still waking up to dishes in the sink. As soon as I walk into a dirty kitchen, any desire I have to cook leaves in haste. I will have to figure out another way to get them to clean up by 10:00 pm and stay out of the kitchen after that time – I would like to lockdown the kitchen.

When I become an architect of homes – I will build in those pull-down metal doors, the kind store owners use, commonplace as a kid in NYC. Any family that finds themselves with teenage boys, who will eat them into bankruptcy and leave the area a mess like pestilent rats, can use the metal pull-down doors to lock their kitchen before turning in at night.

Written: Saturday July 18 at ~ 10 am

Feature Photo Credit: Bessi from Pixabay

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