Plant – Daily Word Prompt


With feet firmly planted (I wish)
This hopeless romantic (I am)
Walking away for the last time (I can)

Still enchanted by love of what was (with him)
Why did I stay … Because
But really if I’m being honest (with myself)
His behaviour should not have astonished

The signs were there right from the start
Over the years he broke more than my heart

My friends always recognize it coming
They look out and provide heedless warnings
It saddens them to find me succumbing

This time is different I can feel it
Even if they cannot see it

Control did not seem controlling (he cares about me)
His jealousy always patrolling (he loves me)
Then the progressive isolation (he can’t live without me)

The hits – they kept coming
Most times without a warning

The bouquet was beautifully comforting
Dinner and apologies – six courses
You could feel his pain and suffering
I must be strong for him – supportive

That was the first of many
Almost but not quite yet deadly
Was there something I could have done
To turn him into “the one”

Be more patient
Be more understanding
Be the eye of the storm – calming

Please don’t look down on me anymore
My life you cannot restore
In the end, I wish I didn’t ignore
The familiar signs, I’d seen them before

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