Jun 21 and Jun 22 – Journal Entry

Sunday June 21:

I got a lot of writing done. Drank two shandy’s, watched one crappy movie and one fab movie, listed in order – Malevolence (2004) and Midsommar (2019). I thought I watched Midsommar already – I enjoyed it, the same director as Hereditary (2018). (This entry is short cause I am writing on Jun 22 and I can’t remember the details of what I did) 😦

Monday June 22:

Back in the day when I was a ninja … (lol. I don’t know why but that sentence makes me laugh. It would also make a great start to a story)

So … I put way too much salt in my latest batch of sauerkraut. I may have to chuck it and start over. 😦 Salty sauerkraut sucks. (I wonder if I could rinse it). I think I’d need to add too much more cabbage to make it unsalty. I will only throw it out if I can’t salvage it.

My neck and shoulder pains are so horrible today – I just want to rip them off my body – Rip off the right side of my neck and all the muscles by my right shoulder blade; and some on the left side too. Muscle pain sucks.

I was thinking about my ability to draw because when I wrote Trip yesterday, I found myself, again, wishing I could illustrate what I see. So I figure, with Procreate, I can find images, trace them and come up with one crazy crisp and fancy picture of what’s in my head. I gonna try that.

I thought I was braving the heat to played handball with André, but once I got outside, it wasn’t as hot – a refreshing breeze was blowing.

Last year, I started training to run my first ultramarathon (100k). Then I stopped. I took a break to go to Thailand, and I stayed on that break when I got back. SMH. Now ~ 18 months later, I’m like, “What the hell happened?” The only thing I can think, is that I just kept putting it off. I have to start all over again (I couldn’t run a marathon, or a half marathon, to save my life). The bad guy would catch me and I’d be dead! I’m exaggerating a bit – I don’t have to start from scratch, but I have a tonne of work to do. I don’t even want to think about speed runs and strength training – tired already. I think I would do better in a danceathon.

The Ultramarathon Training Program is six months – the long run in the first week is 11k. 5-7k is still manageable, if I am running at about 10 minutes per kilometer. But 11k? Well … I will know this Saturday. My longest run at the beginning of 2020 was ~22 k; that’s just over a half marathon and I didn’t break my PR. I read somewhere that you should run three full marathons before even attempting to train for an ultra. Maybe I will start a marathon training, run three, unofficially, then start my other training.

If you don’t hear from me on Saturday, it means I am barely hanging on in the hospital, best case scenario. lol. I’m annoyed with myself – this was/is my goal/plan. Maybe I need to reconsider my “why” Ugh. Do I still love to run? (like really, really, truly love it?)

In a big way, I’ve learned that “I’ll start tomorrow!” can quickly turn into “Holy shit, where did the year go?” lol. Procrastination also sucks.

I am drinking chrysanthemum tea 🙂

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