Jun 23 – Journal Entry

Honestly – humanity depresses me. I said I was staying away from the news, but decided to tune in to my regular podcasts this morning. I was looking for updates on re-openings mainly, only to hear:

  • Another mentally ill man, 62 year old Pakistani Canadian, was shot dead in his home and someone saying you can’t train a lion to be a mouse – meaning that you cannot retrain police officers to handle responding to these types of calls differently. That’s bullshit as far as I am concerned. I can’t entirely agree with defunding the police (less money? Yes. But not a complete defunding as some are calling for.) I think …
    • Police should know how to work with mentally ill people (I’m not saying they have to become psychologist or social workers but how do you end up shooting someone dead, who isn’t a threat to anyone but themselves?) Maybe have mental health experts work closely with police or accompany them on calls for welfare checks
    • Police MUST know how to de-escalate. AND they MUST learn how to better Serve and Protect the communities they work in.  Duh! Like that just makes sense to me. – Isn’t “Serve and Protect” every police force’s fundamental tenet? Get back to that and live it, don’t just post it on vehicles!
    • The funds provided to police should be used for restructuring and re-education/re-raining at the academy and for all police officers regardless of how long they have been on the force (hmmm, “force”) – if they are not receptive to learning a better way, they should get fired. – And some outside org should be overseeing the restructuring and re-education
    • Money should also go into oversight and governance – where some other, non-police affiliated group, or governing body, is policing the police

If you want to run around murdering people, there are other “jobs” for that.

  • Chinese Canadians are being bullied and experiencing racism because of COVID. Some people think that ALL Chinese have COVID and some encounters have been violent – A lot of Chinese are changing their routines to avoid exposure to any negativity. (who are the idiots thinking this shit?)
  • (This is mostly good news) The RCMP is not taking part in a Saskatchewan law to warn people about an intimate partner’s past abusive behaviour. I could walk into a police station and enquire about my date – I think that is an excellent law and should extend to all provinces. I don’t understand why the RCMP wouldn’t take part.
    • I would even go for an abusive partner registry 

I feel the need to add a disclaimer to this post – Recognizing that I haven’t done my own independent research, these are my opinions only, based on third party info (news sound bites).


And after all of that … I see this (lucky me):

I told you about this Windows 10 Theme before – this image never gets old.

It’s 2:00 am, I should be sleeping.

What’s in your heart? Is it worth stealing? (my spin on Capital One “What’s in your wallet?”)

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