Trip – Daily Word Prompt


Invite to my headspace
Hurry, no time to waste
Be sure to pack your suitcase

Although no weight limitations
There are emotional baggage restrictions

You’ll be here a while no doubt
Lots to see, look about
Still have a few spaces to iron out

All areas available unredacted
Go crazy like me, don’t subtract it

Amusement parks, playgrounds everywhere
Hopscotch and four square
Laughter and music fills the air

Chefs cater to your every wish
Do experiment with your dish

If you prefer alone time
Watch a movie or the pantomime

Maybe a beverage in the cozy cafe
There are several bookstores, by the way
(digital, paperback buffet)

Nooks and crannies everywhere
Sleep in the open air
(Sorry, no easy chairs)

Or curl up with pillows and a book
Take a throw blanket off the hook

Also gardens for meditation
Practice your religion (or not)
I’ll work with whatever you’ve got

Even when cloudy with heavy rains
The sun returns, no constraints

Stay as long as you like
Flights come and go every night

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