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Center – Daily Word Prompt

Ever Be

In the middle of my chest
Sits a dark brown guest
We've made it through several quests

She comes anyway uninvited
(emotions I could be without)

A little bit shortsighted
(didn't see that coming)

But mostly always excited
(we should think this through first)

Leaping ... then looking
Foot in mouth ... putting


One day you will understand
I am forever here, holding your hand
You will never get more than you can withstand


Hangin' out together - Grand
Experiencing everything - And
Come go with me - Caravan


“Be!” Another favourite word of mine. “Be” is profoundly fascinating because it can mean so many things. And, of course, it deserves an exclamation mark. Absolutely! (inside joke. lol).

In this case I left the exclamation out of the poem because I didn’t like how it looked BUT you can imagine it there. “be!”



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