When Hard Knocks

COVID’s been with us for over three years and people still don’t know how to wear a fuckin’ mask! Next time I take the subway, I’m gonna walk with my trusty Honjo Masamune katana and go to town slicing off noses and chins. People annoy me!

Today, because of the snowstorm, I’m guessing, there were many homeless people on the TTC. Laying out like beached marine mammals on the three and four-seaters with all their shit strewn about the place. Why do homeless people have so much stuff?

If I ended up homeless, it could happen because I didn’t follow the instruction in Worry-Free Money. I don’t have months and months and months of savings to fall back on if I lose my job. Anyhow, my point … Aside from the clothes I’m wearing, can I walk away from everything I own? All I’d keep is what can fit into my black Osprey twenty-something litre backpack …

  • 2 x tee-shirts and pants
  • 1 x hoodie
  • 1 x toothbrush and pack of floss
  • Affirmators! cards
  • A few pairs of socks
  • The big bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Reading glasses
  • Travel bath towel and washcloth
  • Water bottle
  • My pocket Moleskines and a pencil or two
  • Cash – from all the electronics and other stuff I could sell
  • ID (and my debit card – it’d be smarter to deposit the cash)

That’s it! Can I do it, if I had to do it? Absolutely! Cause I’d have no choice.

Preparation to leave the house was a disaster; I was late for work cause I was having a bad hair morning which becomes a bad hair day. My tresses are at an in-between pain in the arse length. I never know how it’s gonna turn out. Then as soon as I touch down at my desk, 10:10 am, it started snowing. For lunch, I had ramen which blew my caloric budget for the day.

“Do I have to eat any of these noodles?”

“Of course not.”

Unfortunately, the answer came to me on the way home while trying to distance myself from homeless smells and improper mask wearers.


Oh God!
My life is so hard!

Send help!

BTW: I decided I’m going to Bali in June/July. I’m excited!

2023.01.25 (Wed)

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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