Jun 8 – Journal Entry

I didn’t get out to play basketball. I didn’t get the chance to check on the status of my scrum master and pmp certifications or look at new certs I may want to pursue.

However! I did get caught up on my daily word prompts – I like telling short stories in a quasi-poetic format. All I have left to write is “city,” which is my long read and of course, any new prompts.

Guys keep messaging me, but I haven’t been on POF or eHarmony for weeks. I will get back to it eventually.

I am going to try writing a poem using Japanese Hiragana – It will be an exciting challenge. Now that I’ve figured out how to use the Japanese keyboard, it should be easy. The poem will be simple, like:

Good morning cat
Nice to meet you
Good morning dirty dog
Want vegetables
Good evening alcohol
Water please
Sorry, good night


According to Duolingo, I know over 350 Japanese words, so maybe I can create something more complicated – and hopefully not offend any first language Japanese speakers in the process. I may even try to make it a haiku, tanka or senryu. Sweet!

Wish me luck!

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