Jun 9 – Journal Entry

I was ready to work but by about 8:00 am, I felt icky – just a general sickness in my gut. I woke up with a severe backache. I couldn’t even bend my head. I have no idea what happened overnight. Like I was stuck in some strange position with a bolder on the left side of my upper back.

I took a sick day and I went back to bed after telling some of my co-workers that I am taking the day. I even had to cancel my 1:1 with my boss – I didn’t want to but I felt sick. I slept till 1:00 pm.

Now I am binge-watching Queer Eye on Netflix – I love how they address every aspect of a person’s life.

“Say no to climate change and no to frizz (wink).” – Jonathan (One of the Fab 5 guys on the show.) He’s my fave.

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