SugarKiss Twist - Poems

Play – Daily Word Prompt


Don’t you hate when your parents say
“Go outside and play.”

That gives me less time to spend,
with my online friends.

I understand that he may be a pedo.
But you taught me to spot a bad fellow.

What’s my mom’s problem anyway!?
She should go outside and play.

Who wants to be outside strolling?
With COVID steadily roaming.

I hate when mom says
‘”Read a book.”

I’m not happy
My face – take a look!

Or when she turns off the internet
Too much screen time – that’s a detriment.

I much prefer Clash of Clans

Until Dawn

Fallout 4

Attack on Titan

Apex Legends

Portal Knights

FPS, RPG, sports and strategy

Don’t forget co-op games

Keep Talking Nobody Explodes


A Way Out


Mom. Please let me play.
Online with my friends all day.

Tomorrow, I’ll read a book.
Forget it. Whatever. Gobbledygook.

You’ll be proud of me one day
I’ll make it to the Olympics – EA

If live and let live is your motto.
Why can’t I play Grand Theft Auto?

I am trying to write from my boys’ PoV. I will sometimes watch them play because video games are like movies now.

I love to play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. You have to work together to defuse a bomb – one person has the manual, the other is looking at the bomb. Together you figure out the bomb type and defuse it before the timer runs out. Loads of fun.



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