May 17 – Journal Entry

Finally got my desk chair. I always thought office chairs come fully assembled (what do I know.) It only took about thirty minutes for me to put it together. The last few things I’ve unboxed and setup only required an Allen key – two bed frames, my monitor and laptop stand, and now my chair. I wonder if Allen keys will replace screwdrivers. I wonder if they make power Allen keys.

When I was fumbling my way through life, in my late teens, early twenties, I wanted to be a carpenter. Then I changed my mind – I suck at math. I would have wasted a lot of wood (take that how you like.)

Even though it’s a holiday here in Canada tomorrow, I have to work. There’s a meeting with our US customer. I will work the full day and take next Friday off instead.

I wrote three poems on silence today – they describe me perfectly. I felt like I could have written three more – Maybe I will and post them tomorrow because Silence is the Jibber Jabber prompt for May 18..

I haven’t been practicing Japanese. I was comparing Skillshare to Master Class – Skillshare will work better for me – I want to check out their writing courses and continue drawing. It’s time to expand my writing skills – I always write in the first person, then go back and put names to the character, that doesn’t seem right. Plus, I’d like to do longer stories, develop characters and incorporate comedy.

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