Apr 12 – Journal Entry

Not seeing many Discover One Word Prompt posts anymore. Are people still participating? I’m looking in the same place. Sometimes WordPress vexes me – trying to do basic site customizations is a chore.

Today I had Vietnamese coffee ice cream from Demetres for lunch and a slice of pepperoni pizza for dinner. I did my yoga in the morning, ate garbage throughout the day, and ran in the evening. Balance!


“To be naked is to be oneself. To be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognised for oneself.”

John Berger

Some days I feel super sexy, but I have no one to get up close and personal with, so I watch porn instead. Damn you COVID!!! 

Today, I learned how applying shapes – ovals, circles, triangles, squares and rectangles – makes it easier to draw what you see. I took a break from art to dance to Boom Boom Pow. Out of nowhere, the song invaded my thoughts and I had dance.

I know I have nowhere to go, but I’m working on my minimalist wardrobe. I’ll get the colour I need from shoes and accessories.   

Every Sunday, I wish it was Saturday. I hope no one ever accuses me of being irresponsible with my tags.

The mechanical sharks in Jaws were named Bruce.

Feature Photo Credit: @lelia_milaya via Twenty20

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