Second City Here I Come

Why do people correlate love with sex? I don’t think they have anything to do with each other. You can love a main someone, as in an anchor-partner, and have sex with others. Why? Because you’re not into monogomy. Maybe you’re a philanthropist and that’s ok – just be honest with yourself and your potential partner/s? 😍

Also, you could love someone and do all types a bad shit to them. Now that calls into question …


What is love

Baby don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me
No more

What is love


I cannot remember and I don’t wanna look it up!

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships and partnerships and sex and love because I want to be clear on expectations when I start dating again. But I need to engage in more self-reflection than usual which involves getting it right in my head first. Monagomy and intimacy are important to me; does that mean I have to find someone who values those things too? IDK but it sounds like a good idea.

Am I even looking for a long-term relationship? IDK? Why is all this shit so confusing? Aside from having my own space, and wanting a hetrosexual partner, I don’t know what else I want. Maybe I don’t even need a hetrosexual partner. IDK? It’s cool, I don’t need to figure it all this minute out.

So guess what! 

May 7 will be five years since I been on this job, as you know, this is the longest I ever stayed in any job or sexually monogomus relationship in my entire life. (because even though I have sex with my coworkers, I always refer to it as "coworker sex" so it's like I'm always having sex with the same person). I don't know why I had to include that but I did.

AND May 7 is when my Writing 1 course starts. 

Coindenence? I think not! 

AND ... since I'm successful at this job, I will definitely be successful in my Second City course! Sweet!

Do you remember the wedding dress shop scene from Bridesmaids (2011) where they went to try on dresses right after eating and contracting food poisoning (of which they weren’t aware) from a taco place? Classic!

Speaking of food poisoning … my stomach was in knots. I spent the night in bed in pain and on the toilet releaving myself! Glorious! I had to take a sick day and it sucks cause I left my laptop and other stuff there – If I’m feeling better tomorrow I will go to the office. I ain’t tryna shit myself in public (some things should only be done in the privacy of your home … or someone else’s).

… This class is the foundation for scenic comedy writing, a guide for utilizing an improviser’s skill set for rapid creation, and learning writing refinement. The concepts and tools provided in Writing 1 are the building blocks for being able to quickly and creatively write to and for a Second City-style revue. Every comedic writer must have the knowledge and skills that are offered in this course.

Writing 1 teaches students how to write comedic scenes … by exploring different scenic set-ups, character dialogue, genres and point-of-view. Students use improv as a tool for character and dialogue generation … class time includes a combination of solo exercises and collaborative exercises to build skills in brainstorming, comedic structure and character development. Students also gain a Second City perspective on theatrical writing – including observation, idea generation, dialogue, and character creation.

Any student interested in creating Second City-style comedic writing or interested in extending their improvisation abilities and experiences into writing should take Writing 1.

Second City Toronto – Writing 1 Description
with a capital B!

Whenever I say “Second City,” I think of the song “Erotic City” by Prince but I also like the George Clinton version. And … whenever I think of George Clinton I think of Atomic Dog.

Thu Apr 27, 2023

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