May 18 – Journal Entry

Despondent – I feel like hot trash and I can’t place it – I’m coming apart

It is becoming easier for me to write poems compared to short stories in response to WordPress prompts. I mean, it’s great that I am getting better at poetry, but I still feel like I am cheating. Poems don’t make me feel like I’m actually writing.

I didn’t even remember all these actor in the vid – Cool!

I probably feel like crap because I been consuming copious amounts of true crime stories lately. Or maybe it’s the alcohol. (alcohol gets blamed for everything – I’m blaming that on Jamie Foxx)

After my client meeting, I spent time cleaning my inbox. I hate when emails pile up. It just stresses me out. I feel like I forget stuff when that happens. I added follow up emails as tasks in Asana, updated projects and filed the rest.

A spattering of fireworks going off, but it was raining earlier so not as much – I recalled a lot more action last year, plus there wasn’t no COVID.
(double negatives rock!)

It sucks when you hear fireworks but can’t see them 😦

Feature Photo Credit: @tampatra via Twenty20

3 thoughts on “May 18 – Journal Entry

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  1. Writing poetry can be just as difficult as writing prose, especially when you’re working on redrafting. A good poem can also pack for more of a punch that a short story when done correctly. You also have to consider what is feasible. If you’re responding to daily prompts, writing a 1,000-2,000 word story each day is a hell of an ask. Not to mention editing before you post. My suggestion, (not that you asked, so feel free to ignore) would be to pick one (or two) days a week where you write prose in response, and then allow yourself to focus on your poetry the rest of the week. That way you’re allowing yourself more leeway with your writing.

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  2. We are almost ready to tell that we are okay and mostly even comfortable with the chaos being generated. But, we don’t want to. This vibe is very much new to me. Fortunately, to the whole world at once. The only difference is that before COVID-19 we did not have the collective suffering. Now that it is collective, it hardly feels like a suffering deal at all.

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