Jun 28 – Journal Entry

I felt like cooking so I ended up making salmon – I broiled it. I always salt the skin from the night before and it gets super crispy in the oven. I also made roasted broccoli and sticky rice. Sticky rice is used as dessert rice in Thailand – I ate sticky rice with coconut milk and grilled mango until I was sick, like literally. It’s sooooo good.

At home we eat sticky rice with everything – The boys love it, but it is high on the glycemic index. Matt hates vegetables, and he hates, even more, when I force him to eat them. At dinner time we have these moments where he is trying to talk me out of giving him too many vegetables.

I also got fried chicken from The Fry – Korean joint. Their fried chicken in soy garlic sauce and the one in sweet chilli sauce were hella good. 

Fried chicken for lunch and salmon for dinner – that was my day. I also watched The Witch: Part 1-The Subversion, and I took in an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars cause my girlfriend watches it all the time and thinks it hilarious. I found some parts were funny but I don’t get why they are so snarky (it’s a drag thing, you just don’t understand). They have cool prizes though.

Damn it, now I’m invested, after one episode. I’m curious to see who will win, so I might continue watching the show or skip to the last episode.

Written: Jun 29

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