Bonne Nuit

Hello! I am home. I don’t know if my home is happy but I am πŸ™‚

Lately, I’ve been working on being more absorbent and observant!

When I get a pool in my backyard I will paint it black or the darkest blue and with star-shaped pool pot lights plotted to the stars you’ll be swimming in the night sky! Cool right! And who doesn’t want to swim in the Milky Way!

I am going to my bed that I missed and maybe I will kiss him/her/they/them/it! People kiss other people and they kiss things, do those things include beds? I wonder!

For the record, I am not kissing the ground anyone walks on just so I could hold them again! (that’s a song).

Good night pool, good night Milky Way, good night laptop, good night bed!

Good night You! πŸ™‚

Sun Jul 03, 2022

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