Take What You Get …

… Till you get what you want.

Oy! Yesterday I almost lost my life doing a 45 min 20/20 HIIT workout on FitOn with some crazy Hispanic last-name lady. My heart rate was Burj Khalifa high. Over the last few days, with the help of YouTube, I learned that I’m partial to athletic/football player-type workouts:

  • Tire flips
  • Box jumps
  • Rope shaking thing
  • Sled push/pulls
  • Dot drills
  • HIIT (I wish they weren’t repetitive – why I gotta do the same six moves the entire time?)
  • Anything plyo/jump training
  • Anything medicine ball
  • Deadlifts

I also like cocaine bear crawls (jk- but there’s a cocaine bear movie out or coming soon), farmer walks … that’s all I can remember.

It’s freezing cold out and I have to go to the office tomorrow.

I’m not doing anything
challenging at work and it’s dishearting
I mean …
putting together Ikea furniture can be a challenge
but that’s a one-time thing

Can boring work cause depression?

FMWL (Fuck My Work Life)

I’m not independently rich, I can’t afford to lose my job but this feeling sucks. Anyway, I’m almost done with this data analytics course and I’m looking to synergize all I know and see where it takes me – maybe make some money on the side so I can get out of debt faster.

We will see! Yes, we will!

BTW: Dre and I are working pretty good together – I gotta hold his hand and have him sit beside me to make sure shit gets done but we’re seeing results. FMPL (Fuck My Private Life).

It is only my imaginary life that isn’t fucked.


The more I eat simple foods, the more I’m reminded that heartburn, bloating, stomach aches and other ailments, like headaches and allergies, are food-related. AND today, I was reminded that I have friends, I just gotta reach out.

2023.02.01 (Wed)

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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