Yes And What Now

There are many of fat people at the Second City. Because why? The First City shunned them.

When I become non-fat but still flavourable will I fit in? Everyone will hate me and accuse me of body shaming but I can only body shame you if you first are ashamed of your body.

Take some responsibility for your feelings!

🎶 The beautiful people. The beautiful people. The beautiful people. The beautiful people. 🎶

Today my hair went where it wanted to go and I followed, which turned out to be less stressful for both of us.

Hair! I love you!

The orientation was just ok. I have a habit of getting overly excited, creating all sorts of elaborate stories in my head that hype things up way more than they should be – it’s a thing I do and I can’t get mad cause it helps me create other stories too.

I was very sleepy and zoned out for a bit ~ it took fifty minutes for the jam session to start. Overall there was lots of sitting around and waiting but it is a nice space for that – if that is what you want to do. I grabbed my shit and decided to go home thirty minutes before the jam started.

People who are blase about being on time annoy me.


Clownfish are afraid of clowns

Sun Apr 30, 2023

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