Rain Rain

The rain is bummin’ me out man!

Got my bag packed for the office tomorrow.

Why the fuck are you telling me that!?

I’m taking a break from sleeping out at Dee’s place and any other major changes (which might be minor to others) in the interim because the slightest deviation means I can’t stick to the routine I’m trying to build and I can’t keep fuckin’ up my progress. And tomorrow, we’ll see if I can maintain what I do at home when I’m in the office. Usually from Tue to Thu I over eat.

I need to be isolated somewhere with no temptation and after one year of having my routine down, I can introduce one maybe two changes/distraction per year. I’m confident I’ll be able to maintain my routine then. I don’t have that luxury – I gotta get this shit right regardless.


List a my problems
Got this one in my bed

and she just wanna sleep
Fucking up all of the sheets
She only wake up to eat
Do this shit every week

Like why you do that?
Crying you wanna be great,

but sleepin’ in till the next day

Why you do that?
Don’t got that much in the bank,

we go out she order the steak

Why you do that?
She can’t explain it

but just know it working for her
She claiming she down on her luck
But really she don’t give a fuck
And I cannot make this shit up



Would you like a mood ring? They’re not scientific, you should know what mood you’re in better than the ring but thems cool. Have you seen the nail polish that changes with the temp.

Would you like your intrusive thoughts displayed on your forehead for all to see? Remember … your actions define you, not your thoughts so think what you want right?

That’s better!

River rocks are smooth.

Mon May 01, 2023

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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